Welcome To Tron Participation

 Aim:  Tron Participation is the education and outreach strand of the Tron Theatre’s activities.  As such it strives to provide opportunities to participate in art activities regardless of age, ability or background.

 Why:   We want to encourage the behaviour of theatre going as both audience and artist because we believe participating in cultural activity enriches your life.

 How:  Participating in our programme can lead to developing new skills –both artistic and social, meeting new people and embarking on a life- long relationship with the Tron venue.

Tron participation is divided into four key strands of work

  • Children and Young People
  • Work for School
  • Work for Adults
  • Partnership Working

If you wish to get in contact with the Participation Team please email participation@tron.co.uk

Tron Participation – your chance to get involved and be creative!

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